Toyota Hilux Kenya


We are the largest Thailand Company limited or Export all new and Used cars export around the world. In our main locate base stocks in Bangkok Thailand. We are supplying brand new & Used Hilux & cars for Export mainly to Indo-China Countries, South of China, Asian Countries Europe, Russia and Africa Countries. Our main scopes are covering for Export; Cars Accessories & Spare parts i.e. SUVs 4×4, pickup, van, trucks cars and Cars workshop service. We have wide and fresh stock cars ready for supply range including 4WD vehicles, Pick-ups, Commercial vehicles. Toyota hilux.

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Toyota Exporter

 Large Choice of Parts & Accessories.Vigo Bangkok (vigo4u ) is one of the largest exporters of motor vehicles from Thailand, specializing in SUV’s and 4×4′s. (Toyota hilux vigo) We have a long history of exporting vehicles to overseas customers in Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian sub-continent.

With a large choice of options and accessories to choose from, we ensure that your car is fully customized to meet your requirements with excellent Quality Control.

We also closely control the export process to ensure that your car arrives safe and sound wherever you live.

Door-to-door service.

  1. No.1 Auto Exporter in Thailand,
  2. The financial power and expertise by virtue of being Asia’s largest auto exporter.
  3. Convenient One-Stop Services for buying all kinds of automobiles no matter what their origin

Our prices may be the cheapest in the world but the quality of our product and service is anything but cheap.

Our established customers recognize our contributions to their success, and have continued to seek us out year after year decade after decade. We value that trust, and we work hard to maintain it in everything we do.

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